About me and this site

Photo Credit: Sven Sporer

About me and this site

Hi, I'm Sven Sporer and I live in Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria. I have a masters degree in Information Management & Computer Security. Currently, I work as a Oracle and PostgreSQL DBA[^1].

I'm interested in everything related to web technology, photography, design and beautiful code. You can also find me at these places:

This website

This site txt.intothespirit.com features articles mainly about the web and technology. It's powered by Jekyll and transforms plain text files written in Markdown into beautiful HTML. The post Theme Setup shows all the details.

If you have any questions about one of my projects, or just want to say hi!, just mail me at hi@intothespirit.com.

[^1]: Database Administrator; however, my focus is everything around the database, using Ruby/Bash to automate as much as possible, bootstrapping with Puppet/Foreman, testing with Jenkins/Cucumber/RSpec, etc.